Creators of Kuzz i Kann

The Creators of Kuzz i Kann include Heidi and Craig who live, work and play in Kingston Ontario Canada.  Each bring diverse and creative ideas to the product available.  Check back each week to see the new products added, as there will be more!

Heidi is taking her passion for knitting into this online platform to provide you with unique apparel to take with you showing your own unique abilities to do what you want - why?  Because you can.  Too often something gets in the way of doing, and this is a reminder that you can do it!  A little bit at a time.  

Craig is the tech genius and brainstormer of ideas.  The photographer that brings you the images to help with your selections.  

Stewart is that green-eyed beauty you see on the slideshow.  He keeps all his humans happy and attentive.  He particularly appreciates the photo sessions, and agreed to pose for the website.

Surprise your family and friends with doing something they considered to be out of your character .. like at the age of 40-something buy a sport bike and ride ... why?  Because you can.  Pick up that book on engineering physics and help it guide you on your next professional goal - why?  Because you can.  That's the reason - no other, and celebrate what you can do.  Take us along with your choice of apparel, uniquely branded for you to say "Why am I doing this?" ... Kuzz i Kann.